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The history behind Osjord Gruppen

The history of Osjord AS and Osjord Åsen AS dates back to 1949. The company was founded by Gunnar Osjord. He was born on January 16th 1908. He was married to Kirsten, and they had three children together: Gunnar, Ragnhild and Turid.

His car/motoring career started before the war, when he worked as a mechanic in Germany. He stayed there from 1934 to 1936. When Norway got going again after the war, Gunnar Osjord was one of the founders of Jakobsen and Osjord, a sales and repair firm. This later changed to Motorcraft AS. They represented the carmakers Plymouth and Chrysler.

Catalogues, offers and price lists

Kataloger, Tilbud & Prislister
Download catalogues, offers and price lists. Use the table of contents or the Acrobat search function to find the products and product groups you are looking for.

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