1948 - 1968

The history behind Osjord Gruppen

The history of Osjord AS and Osjord Åsen AS dates back to 1949. The company was founded by Gunnar Osjord. He was born on January 16th 1908. He was married to Kirsten, and they had three children together: Gunnar, Ragnhild and Turid.

His car/motoring career started before the war, when he worked as a mechanic in Germany. He stayed there from 1934 to 1936. When Norway got going again after the war, Gunnar Osjord was one of the founders of Jakobsen and Osjord, a sales and repair firm. This later changed to Motorcraft AS. They represented the carmakers Plymouth and Chrysler.

1948 - 1986

In 1948 Osjord got into contact with Bosch through the Miller owned Automagnet AS, which at the time was Bosch's representative in Norway. Osjord knew Bosch from his time in Germany, and in 1949 the company G. Osjord Diesel Elektro was established, primarily to repair Bosch diesel equipment. At the same time he ended the cooperation with the other owners of Motorcraft AS. Gunnar Osjord really went for it, already in 1949 he had purchased 24 Klinkenberg Street, which for many years served as both workshop and the family home. 1950 was the first full business year, with a turnover of 9977.03 NOK, including sales tax.

The original tools used by the enterprise were mainly made by Gunnar Osjord. In 1951 they purchased a new diesel test bench from Bosch, the first of its kind in Rogaland. In 1952 the firm got their first van. A milestone was reached in 1954, when the turnover exceeded 200,000 NOK. In 1957 the strategy was to supplement the workshop with retail. Premises for this were fitted up in 24 Klinkenberg Street. Bosch started manufacturing white goods, and the firm became agent for these products. In 1963 the retail operation was expanded, and a wholesale agreement with Bosch for car equipment was established.

The son, Gunnar Osjord JR., joined the firm in 1962. Previous to this he had been in Germany, and worked for a large VW dealer. This was due to contacts that his father had made during his time in Germany before the war, working as a mechanic for the owner of this dealership, when the owner raced at Monte Carlo. Osjord JR. considered his involvement with the business as something intermediate, as he intended to continue his studies. Unfortunately Osjord Sr. was taken seriously ill in the beginning of 1963, and died in the summer of 1966. In this situation Osjord JR. was suddenly responsible for the running of the firm, and quickly had to adjust himself to a future with diesel, car electric equipment and Bosch. At this point the firm became more and more of a trade enterprise.

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